HP48 FAQ Section 13: Appendix E: Where to get HP48 Programs

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13.1 Best Programs and Where to Get Them List

This list is designed to help HP48 users locate useful, well written programs for their HP48, selected by HP48 users who send in recommendations for their favourite programs.

Compatibility is noted by either SX (SX only), GX (GX only), SX/GX (SX and GX), or SX?/GX (Works on GX, not sure about SX).

Most of the sites below require Internet access. However CompuServe has a modest HP48 archive in the HP handhelds forum. Type "go HPHAND" to access the forum. HP48 specific files can be found in DL 3. America Online also has an HP area you can access using "Keyword PDA".

Note that for most FTP sites, any programs in uploads directories are subject to movement into their appropriate directories (i.e. games or utilities), or removal by the archive maintainer. There is also the possibility that the program might have a slightly different name than the one given below, especially if newer versions are available. If information has changed that you know of, let me know so I can update the list.

I have also released my personal HP48 archive, which is updated occassionally. It should contain all of the following programs, as well as lots of others. More information can be obtained at: http://www.engr.uvic.ca/~aschoorl/archive/










Stack Replacements and Related Programs

13.2 Other Web / FTP Sites

13.3 FTP by Electronic Mail

For those of you who don't have FTP access, you can FTP programs by mail. To do this, you send commands via e-mail message to the ftpmail server, and it then sends back the programs, usually in a uuencoded format by e-mail.

For access to any ftp site, I recommend the sunsite ftpmail server. To get more information, send a mail message to <ftpmail@sunsite.unc.edu> with the contents of:

There are other FTP by mail servers like the sunsite server, but they are more heavily used, and take longer.

13.4 Bulletin Boards with HP48 Programs

Official Hewlett Packard BBS (48)

Foundations in Science (48/100)

UAH ACCESS BBS (28/48/95/100)

Phone: (205) 895-6152 ; U. Alabama Huntsville.

The Ninth Bit BBS (48)

Raiders of Lost Arg (48/95)

NES BBX (48)

Phone: (503) 640-4263 ; Goodies Disks in File Area 22

[(hp)]al BBS (48/95/100)

Electronic Design News BBS (48)

Phone: (617) 558-4582 ; Features: Open to All

Nybble's Byte (28/48/95/100/etc)

Terrapin Station (48)

Phone: (708) 657-9543

48 Files BBS (48)

The ONE BBS (48)

Phone: +33-149-887-691 ; France.

Cyberbox (48)

13.5 HP Goodies Disks

The HP Goodies Disks are a set of disks that are chock full of great HP48 files. They are collected by Joe Horn, and are available on the Internet. They contain all shareware/freeware files. Currently there are 11 disks. They can be obtained via anonymous ftp from the places listed below.

In the listings above, they are referred to by "GD #". All the goodies disks have a file "fileinfo.src" which contains an index of all the files. I would recommend everybody looking through all these disks, as there is lots of great stuff on them!

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