HP48 FAQ Section 1: Introduction

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This FAQ is maintained by Andre Schoorl <aschoorl@engr.uvic.ca>

It was previously maintained by Keith Maddock, and was originally compiled by Darryl Okahata. Many thanks to both for their time and contributions!

I rely on your input in order to keep this FAQ up to date. If you have any suggestions or updates, feel free to mail them to me. If you have a correction or suggestion to make, please include the name of a specific question rather than its number as the number is automatically generated and can change between versions.

1.1 Overview

The purpose of this FAQ is to provide answers to commonly asked questions about the Hewlett Packard HP48 family of scientific calculators. This list contains information which has not necessarily been verified, and is not guaranteed to be correct. It has been compiled from various postings in the newsgroups comp.sys.hp48 and comp.sys.handhelds, as well as other sources. In particular, some parts were taken from older HP48 SX "FAQ Lists".

For some questions, there may be different answers for each calculator (G/GX vs. S/SX). In this case S/SX specific information is preceeded by an "SX:" on the left margin of the first line of each S/SX specific paragraph. G/GX information is denoted by a "GX:" in the same place. If a paragraph has no notation, then it is valid for all versions.

1.2 This FAQ in Other Formats

This document was made using the SGML-Tools (Standard Generalized Markup Language) package and is available in ASCII, HTML, and PostScript versions. All versions come from the same source, and are thus updated simultaneously.

The URL for the HTML version is http://www.engr.uvic.ca/~aschoorl/faq/. The other formats are also available here in separate zip files.

The PostScript version is formatted for letter size paper, but it is also possible to create PostScript for legal size paper. Furthermore, DVI, LaTeX, Lyx, Info, and RTF forms of the FAQ are also possible. Since it is impractical to provide all of these formats, the SGML source is available in case anyone wants to create one of these formats on their own.

Text only versions of the FAQ will be posted to the newsgroup comp.sys.hp48 as needed (usually every two weeks). Also, remember that all official FAQs (including this one) are mirrored at ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/.

Furthermore, it is posted to comp.answers and news.answers.

I will sign all text versions with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) using the following key for authenticity, and provide MD5 Checksums for the remaining files. You can get a copy of this public key from the keyserver at http://pgpkeys.mit.edu/, or through the URL above.

Type Bits KeyID    Created    Expires    Algorithm       Use
sec+ 1024 2CFAA0BB 1997-06-21 ---------- DSS             Sign and Encrypt
sub  2048 F940E148 1997-06-21 ---------- Diffie-Hellman
uid  Andre P. Schoorl <aschoorl@engr.uvic.ca>

Alternatively, you can download the FAQ at one the following locations:

North America:


1.3 Translations of this FAQ

These translations may not be as up to date as the main FAQ, but should still be useful for international users who are more comfortable with their native language.



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