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3D Adventure   (details) 28 ENG   13KB/32KB
An adventure game for the 28S featuring 3D line drawings of the maze being navigated. Also including a wide variety of items to collect and monsters to fight. Originally posted to Usenet in 1990.
By Paul Dale. 2005/05/30

BlackJack   (details) 28 ENG   4KB/2KB
Blackjack, the game of 21, for the HP 28.
By John Fredine. 1998/07/31

Blob   (details) 28 ENG   5KB/2KB
Stand face to face to horrible monsters (called blobs). You are supposed to shoot as many blobs as possible with your bazooka before you end up between the bloody jaws of a mini-BLOB.
By Eric Toonen. 1998/07/31

BlokDrop 2.1   (details) 28 ENG   4KB/3KB
Tetris-like program.
By Dave Still. 1998/07/31

Chess   (details) 28 ENG   5KB/5KB
Fairly complex chess game for its time, though slow and limited by modern standards.
By Paul Dale. 1998/07/31

Golf   (details) 28 ENG   2KB/1KB
Very simple golf game.
By Alex Ballantyne. 1998/07/31

INCO   (details) 28 ENG   2KB/1KB
Game based on a 'simple' idea. When you enter a number and press the 'INCO' button the calculator will start with a 3 by 3 array containing only nines, mixing it the number of times you entered by picking a row and a column in which it will decrease all numbers by one. It will then display the resulting array and your objective is to get the array containing only nines back by pressing a digit, thereby increasing all numbers in the row/column you picked.
By Joachim Isaksson. 1998/07/31

Le Pendu   (details) 28 ENG   2KB/1KB
Two player game where one person gives a word and the other person must guess it within 5 guesses.
By Nicolas Godard. 1998/07/31

Magic Square 1.1   (details) 28 ENG   6KB/3KB
Try to turn on every dot in the square except the center dot.
By Doug Cannon. 1998/07/31

Mastermind   (details) 28 ENG   3KB/1KB
The famous game of Mastermind, with 16 colored pegs.
By Stephen R. van den Berg. 1998/07/31

Memory Game   (details) 28 ENG   5KB/6KB
36-card game of Memory.
By Roger Jans. 1998/07/31

Moon Lander   (details) 28 ENG   5KB/3KB
Land on the moon using the least amount of fuel.
By Dick Nungester. 1998/07/31

Pacman   (details) 28 ENG   1KB/1KB
Simple interactive Pacman animation.
By Doug Cannon. 1998/07/31

Poker 1.0   (details) 28 ENG   4KB/4KB
Fairly complex poker implementation.
By Dave Still. 1998/07/31

Reversi   (details) 28 ENG   5KB/8KB
Reversi implementation for the HP 28S.
By Paul Dale. 1998/07/31

Shadow Castle   (details) 28 ENG   3KB/3KB
Move a Smiley through a Shadow Castle.
By Jean-Sebastien Monzani. 1998/07/31

Simon   (details) 28 ENG   2KB/2KB
Simon game as well as a screen reverser.
By Strauss Erez. 1998/07/31

SUBS   (details) 28 ENG   2KB/2KB
Submarine hunt game.
By Rickard Petersson. 1998/07/31

Tank Battle   (details) 28 ENG   6KB/4KB
Arcade game where you must fight your opponent with tanks and jets.
By Ryan Ridges. 1998/07/31

Tetris   (details) 28 ENG   4KB/3KB
Tetris game, only for the 28S.
By Dirk de Bruycker. 1998/07/31

Towers of Hanoii   (details) 28 ENG   1KB/1KB
Move discs from one peg to a third. Also supports a printer.
Author unknown. 1998/07/31

Yahtzee   (details) 48 28 ENG   4KB/2KB
ScreenshotSimulates a set of dice for the game Yahtzee. This is very convenient if you're traveling, because real dice in an airplane are a pain.
By Jurjen N.E. Bos. 2017/06/18

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