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Description:A set of programs for astronavigation calculations for mirror sextants to run on Thomas Okken’s Free42 Source Code emulator. Bubble sextant corrections like Coriolis and high-altitude terms not considered in this program. Based on programs of the HP 41C Navigation Pac, all code of which is included in the state file. The Pac is required for the observation and fix programs to work. Up to 20 observations of stars, planets, sun or moon can be stored, each with its own full set of parameters including height of eye, DR Lat and Lon. Fixes are calculated using St.Hilaire equal-altitude lines. Intercepts are calculated using the normal form of the line equation, with latitudes expanded by sec (1/cos) of latitude. The full Mercator expansion function is included for possible future use and is resolved using the built-in SOLVER program, so both direct and inverse (latitude-to-meridional parts and vice-versa) can be calculated.
Current version:1.00
Author:Willy Unger
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File date:2023-07-11 19:16:59
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      442  2023-07-07 20:10   Free42 Navigation/PLOT3.raw
    33892  2023-07-08 10:23   Free42 Navigation/HP 41C Navigation Pac.txt
    23453  2023-07-07 20:10   Free42 Navigation/Willy 2023 07 07.f42
      484  2023-07-07 20:10   Free42 Navigation/OBS.raw
       71  2023-07-07 20:10   Free42 Navigation/INIT.raw
       61  2023-07-07 20:10   Free42 Navigation/TRM.raw
       12  2023-07-07 20:10   Free42 Navigation/DMT.raw
       82  2023-07-07 20:10   Free42 Navigation/FIXM.raw
      143  2023-07-07 20:10   Free42 Navigation/BODY.raw
      500  2023-07-07 20:10   Free42 Navigation/VWOB.raw
       79  2023-07-07 20:10   Free42 Navigation/MERC.raw
       12  2023-07-07 20:10   Free42 Navigation/DMS.raw
      427  2023-07-07 20:10   Free42 Navigation/_FIX.raw
      132  2023-07-07 20:10   Free42 Navigation/MP.raw
      321  2023-07-07 20:10   Free42 Navigation/SIGHT.raw
      562  2023-07-07 20:10   Free42 Navigation/FIX3.raw
  6062288  2023-07-11 16:13   Free42 Navigation/Free42 Navigation Pac.docx
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