Description:This is a program (actually two, one looks prettier than the other but the code is almost the same) that draws the Mandelbrot set on the screen. Zooming and panning can not be done in the program; you have to change the draw window manually in the code to do that.
Current version:1.0
Author:Simon Bryntse
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Primary category:Graphics
File date:2021/07/16 12:31:33
Creation date:2021/07/16
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Version history:2021/07/30: Added to site
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     1001  2021-07-16 18:26   Mandelbrot/Explanation.txt
     2414  2021-07-16 18:25   Mandelbrot/info.txt
    16055  2021-07-13 17:07   Mandelbrot/Mandelbrot.png
     3550  2021-07-13 15:50   Mandelbrot/Mandelbrot0.hpprgm
     3348  2021-07-13 15:50   Mandelbrot/Mandelbrot1.hpprgm
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