Description:Modified version of Emu71 to emulate a theoretical "HP-72S" (an HP-71B with a two-line screen) and a theoretical "HP-74S" (an HP-71B with a four-line, double-width screen) under Windows. Requires an Emu72 ROM Image.
Current version:0.91
Authors:Christoph Gie├čelink: http://hp.giesselink.com/
Jean-Francois Garnier: http://www.jeffcalc.hp41.eu/
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Primary category:PC
File date:2021-04-04 14:20:12
Creation date:2021-04-04
Source code:Not included
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Related files:Emu71 Setup
Emu72 Source Patch
Emu72 ROM Image
Version history:2021-04-10: Added to site
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   307200  2021-04-04 18:10   EMU72.exe
     7164  2021-04-02 17:17   REAL72SL.KML
   675234  2021-01-21 21:27   REAL72SM.BMP
     7131  2021-04-02 17:18   REAL72SM.KML
  1639830  2021-03-26 12:59   REAL74SL.BMP
     7291  2021-04-02 17:17   REAL74SL.KML
  1526742  2020-06-24 22:39   REAL72SL.BMP
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