Description:A compact and elegant program that allows the customization of the soft keys in a consistent manner, whether for the global environment or for each Prime app. Now it is possible to have at any entry window your preferred characters or commands, e.g., Greek characters for scientific writing, preferred units for fast unit conversion or fast access commands with customized entry. Menus are swiftly managed with the four ways of the directional pad (left/right/up/down).
Current version:1.01
Author:Ramón de la Rosa Steinz
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Primary category:Utils
File date:2024-05-01 13:27:47
Creation date:2024-05-01
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Version history:2024-06-08: Updated to version 1.01
2023-12-09: Updated to version 1.01
2021-01-17: Added to site
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     6664  2024-05-01 13:27   CSTMENU.hpprgm
     3875  2024-05-01 13:27   cstmenu.html
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