Description:Program for truss analysis, with springs, settles, nodal coordinates, thermal changes and fabrication errors, using the stiffness method, and verified with SAP2000's results.
Description (2):Rutina o programa para la resolución de Armaduras con resortes, asentamientos, apoyos inclinados, variación de temperatura y errores de fabricación, por el Método de Rigidez en calculadoras HP 50g, y verificado con los resultados del software SAP2000
Current version:1.3
Author:Erick Chavesta Ruelas:
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File date:2020-06-11 08:50:16
Creation date:2020-06-11
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Version history:2020-07-05: Updated to version 1.3
2020-06-06: Updated to version 1.2
2020-05-03: Added to site
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Library contents:ARM2D v1.3: Library 1667, ARM2D v1.3: Erick Chavesta Ruelas, Lima Peru
User comments:Erick Chavesta
2020-11-02 10:41:37
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