H. Piper!

Description:You are presented with a 6 row, 10 column grid and a preview panel of 5 pipes. A starting pipe will be placed on the grid and will in a few seconds start leaking. The object is to lay pipes on the grid to contain the leak as long as you can. Requires SuperChip Library.
Current version:2.1
Author:Paul Edgar Raines
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Primary category:Games/Chip
File date:1995/05/12 01:00:00
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Version history:1998/02/26: Added to site
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     8866  1995-05-12 19:13   hpiper.doc
      231  1995-05-05 00:36   hpset
     1851  1995-05-05 00:44   pipe
    36960  1995-05-04 23:42   pipe.chp
     1851  1995-05-05 00:44   pipegx
    36960  1995-05-04 23:41   pipegx.chp
      198  1995-05-05 00:36   score
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