Supersonic Ball

Description:A simple side-scrolling platformer/tunnel hybrid where you control a bouncing ball, guiding it to the end of each level. Challenge lies in getting through narrow areas or climbing stuff without bouncing back, and it gets progressively harder to do so as the game progresses. The game features physics, randomized levels, animated graphics, multiple themes to make the game look different, smooth scrolling and parallax backgrounds. Try to get as far as possible as fast as you can without running out of time to get the highest score! For speed reasons, a G2 HP Prime is recommended.
Current version:1.01
Author:Kévin Ouellet (DJ Omnimaga):
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Primary category:Games
File date:2023-10-22 23:33:22
Creation date:2023-10-22
Source code:Included
Download count:1,159
Version history:2023-10-29: Updated to version 1.01
2022-07-31: Updated to version 1.00
2022-02-27: Updated to version 0.19
2017-02-15: Added to site
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        0  2022-03-10 16:28   Source/
      732  2022-03-10 13:03   Source/icon.png
   120391  2023-10-23 00:17   Source/source.txt
     1229  2022-03-09 14:44   Source/ssballlogo.png
     8370  2022-03-09 10:55   Source/ssballsprites16x16.png
    17737  2022-03-10 10:08   Source/ssballsprites32x32.png
     1857  2022-03-09 10:56   Source/ssballsprites8x8.png
     3564  2023-10-23 00:17   ignore_me.txt
   242972  2023-10-23 00:16   ssball.hpprgm
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