Description:This is a modified version of Jean-François Garnier's original "aLIFhdr" tool. It's now a Win32 console application with an additional option /T for converting a text file with <CR><LF> line delimiters into the LIF file type 1 (TEXT) format.
Current version:1.2
Authors:Jean-Francois Garnier:
Christoph Gie├čelink:
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File date:2015-08-15 14:43:30
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Version history:2015-08-15: Added to site
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     7403  2014-12-10 23:25   alifhdr.cpp
     4296  2014-11-04 19:46   alifhdr.dsp
      537  2014-11-04 19:46   alifhdr.dsw
    57344  2014-12-10 23:26   alifhdr.exe
     2436  2014-11-11 22:06   alifhdr.txt
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