SLK (Straight Line Kit)

Description:Helps you to find the distance, the slope and the equation between two points, the perpendicular distance between a point and a straight line, collinearity of three points (the middle-point and the end-point coordinates), the equation of a straight line that goes through a point with a slope, transforms linear equations back and forth between standard and slope-intercept forms, generates the coordinate representation of a straight line, determines whether two straight lines are parallel or perpendicular, finds the (x) & (y) intercepts of a straight line, finds the intersection point of 2 straight lines, transforms a non-standard form equation into a standardized form of it, divide a segment into points or sub-segments, performs linear interpolation/extrapolation. Requires firmware 10077 or higher.
Current version:4.1b
Author:Dante Camargo
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Primary category:Math
Languages:ENG ESP  
File date:2018/09/07 23:58:31
Creation date:2018/09/07
Source code:Not included
Download count:2,160
Version history:2018/09/09: Updated to version 4.1b
2017/02/10: Updated to version 4.1
2016/08/02: Updated to version 3.3
2015/07/26: Added to site
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     1344  2018-09-07 18:05   SLK 4_1b_Eng_Esp/English/SLK.hpappdir/SLK.hpapp
   286134  2018-09-07 18:05   SLK 4_1b_Eng_Esp/English/SLK.hpappdir/SLK.hpappprgm
   523455  2018-09-07 18:07   SLK 4_1b_Eng_Esp/English/SLK_41b_User_Guide_Eng.pdf
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        0  2018-09-07 18:12   SLK 4_1b_Eng_Esp/Espanol/SLK.hpappdir/
     3175  2018-09-07 14:59   SLK 4_1b_Eng_Esp/Espanol/SLK.hpappdir/Icon.png
     1344  2018-09-07 15:00   SLK 4_1b_Eng_Esp/Espanol/SLK.hpappdir/SLK.hpapp
   286902  2018-09-07 15:01   SLK 4_1b_Eng_Esp/Espanol/SLK.hpappdir/SLK.hpappprgm
   566901  2018-09-06 12:04   SLK 4_1b_Eng_Esp/Espanol/SLK_41b_Manual_del_Usuario.pdf
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