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Description:Freecell, well-known in Microsoft Windows, is a solitaire game of skill and forethought but no luck (after the initial deal). To speed up the game, sequences of cards are moved by the program if enough free space is available so that in theory the sequence could be moved one card at a time. Version 2 permits specification of deals by the Microsoft deal number, and also changing the number of free cells to between 0 and 8.
Current version:2.0
Author:Norman M. Brenner:
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Primary category:Games/Card
File date:2013/09/14 15:58:12
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Version history:2013/09/14: Updated to version 2.0
2012/09/15: Added to site
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     2285  01-16-12 16:40   Freecell NMB 2.0/Freecell NMB.GIF
    29567  07-29-13 08:29   Freecell NMB 2.0/L888.hp
      341  07-13-13 13:46   Freecell NMB 2.0/readme.txt
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Library contents:Freecell NMB 2.0/L888.hp: Library 888, Freecell
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