Limiting Reagent

Description:These two applications help with a specific kind of stoichiometry problem I encounter every once in a while in chemistry class. Each one determines which of two given reactants are the limiting reagent in a reaction and also outputs the grams of reactant produced and leftover reactants (using the limiting reagent). The first program, Limiting Reagent (Limiting.hp), takes the molar masses and quantities (all in grams) of the reactants and the desired product to give the results. The second program, (LtMoles.hp) is a bit more advanced and assumes you are only given the number of moles of the reactants. It uses the built-in periodic table to automatically determine the molar weights for you and then outputs which reactant is limiting and so forth.
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User comments:Vince Davis
2012-11-28 21:19:09
This would be a great app for the HP 50G when the author tweaks for the correct calculation of the amount of excess reactant.

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