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Description:This program solves structures problems. It was designed to help engineering students from the ETSIAeronauticos from Madrid (Spain), for the "Solids Mechanic" subject, 3th course. It contains functions like: Hooke, Lame, Airy, finite elements, boards in Cartesian and polar and many more.
Description (2):Este programa resuelve problemas de elasticidad y calculo de estructuras. Esta pensado para Ing. Aeronaticos de la ETSIA de Madrid, para la asignatura de Mecanica del Solido de 3º. Contiene funciones como: Hooke, Lame, Airy, elementos finitos, placas en cartesianas y en polares, laminas y muchas cosas mas.
Current version:3.3
Author:Diego Esquinazi Bachoer
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Primary category:Science/Civil
File date:2012-09-15 18:06:25
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Version history:2012-09-15: Updated to version 3.3
2012-09-15: Updated to version 3.1
2011-09-18: Added to site
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Library contents:L1673: Library 1673, SOLIDOHPv3.3
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