Description:This small program formats text to fit within the 22-character wide display. The way it does it, however, is different than other similar programs. A machine code routine simply rearranges the space and linefeed characters in two passes. The first pass simply replaces all linefeeds with spaces. The second pass puts a linefeed at the first space encountered backwards from the 23rd character of each line. As a result, words do not get haphazardly split and the program is extremely fast. Also includes versions that split at 24 characters (for printing to the 82240B infrared printer), 33 characters (for Jazz's ED, TED, and VV), and 80 characters. For both the S and G series.
Current version:3.1
Author:Todd Eckrich
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Primary category:Utils/Misc
File date:2008/08/21 22:33:12
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      119  08-03-95 00:00   STR24
      119  08-03-95 00:00   STR33
      119  08-03-95 00:00   STR80
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