Description:Library for atmospheric/air speed computations, intended for aeronautical engineers and students. It can be used to compute atmospheric properties (temperature, pressure, density, and kinematic viscosity) and acceleration of gravity from altitude and, vice versa, to obtain the altitude corresponding to the value of one of these quantities. Using the altitude and an air speed related quantity, the library can compute (for both subsonic and supersonic regimes) True, Equivalent and Calibrated Air Speed, Mach number, Dynamic Pressure and Reynolds number per unit of length. Finally, the library can be used to compute "kink altitudes", i.e. altitudes corresponding to intersections on an aircraft airspeed diagram between constant Mach number lines and constant True/Equivalent/Calibrated Air Speed lines or constant Dynamic Pressure lines. Through the use of a reserved variable content, it implements a method for Non Standard Day Temperature correction. The library supports both SI units and Imperial units. Two versions of the library are provided (one for the 49G and one for the 49g+/50g) as well as a text documentation file to be loaded on a SD card and used in conjunction with the SDIAG library (see the Emacs package). Completely written in System RPL.
Current version:1.2
Author:Federico Marziali (Kickaha)
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File date:2008-11-09 15:10:46
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Version history:2008-11-09: Updated to version 1.2
2008-08-24: Updated to version 1.1
2008-08-09: Added to site
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     6670  10-27-08 10:51   atmos12/Atmos12.49g
     6685  10-27-08 10:37   atmos12/Atmos12.49gp
     1735  06-02-08 14:55   atmos12/Atmos-SS.GIF
    54524  08-18-08 09:56   atmos12/h_t.png
     7298  10-27-08 10:34   atmos12/LDOC1298
    17105  10-27-08 10:47   atmos12/Readme.txt
        0  10-27-08 10:53   atmos12/Source/
     1690  10-27-08 10:53   atmos12/Source/Atmos.h
      735  10-27-08 10:53   atmos12/Source/Atmos.hpp
    14596  10-27-08 10:52   atmos12/Source/Atmos.s
     6442  10-27-08 10:51   atmos12/Source/Atmos2.s
    21316  10-27-08 10:51   atmos12/Source/Facilities.s
     3364  10-27-08 10:52   atmos12/Source/Kink.s
    11097  10-27-08 10:36   atmos12/Source/tests.s
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   153257                   14 files
Library contents:atmos12/Atmos12.49g: Library 1298, Atmos1.2
atmos12/Atmos12.49gp: Library 1298, Atmos1.2
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