Description:XCALC is a highly configurable, "extended" RPN calculator for 32-bit Windows that you can use for simple calculations using decimal or complex floating point, or hexadecimal, octal or binary integer numbers (32 bit signed 2's complement).
Current version:2.6.3
Author:Bernt Ribbum: http://www.tordivel.no/xcalc/
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Primary category:PC/Emulators
File date:2005/09/03 01:05:15
Source code:Not included
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Version history:2005/09/03: Added to site
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   232960  12-02-04 21:26   xcalc.exe
      472  12-02-04 21:26   Install.txt
    84096  07-13-05 23:16   XCALC.HLP
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