Description:Rigidity matrix program for structural engineering. Solves any type of structure, including displacement reactions, rigidity of each bar, global rigidity of the structure, actions on the end of each member, and more. Requires you to use OBJFIX to fix after transferring to your calculator.
Current version:1.2
Author:Juan Octavio Chavez Prado (Chavito)
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Primary category:Science/Civil
File date:2005-09-10 19:52:59
Source code:Included
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Version history:2005-09-10: Updated to version 1.2
2005-09-03: Added to site
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   476852  09-07-05 21:55   PUBLICAR RIGIDEZ/manual rigideces.pdf
        0  09-07-05 22:11   PUBLICAR RIGIDEZ/
    56324  09-10-05 19:47   RIGIDECES BACANASASO CHAVO.hpe
     3123  09-10-05 19:49   MEP RIGIDEZ.hpe
     3567  09-10-05 19:50   MEP RIGIDEZ.dir
    38476  09-10-05 19:48   RIGIDECES BACANASASO CHAVO.dir
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User comments:José Luis Valderrama Rodriguez
2008-02-24 12:59:43
hola quisiera saber si el programa es compatible con la Hp 50g lo he estoy intentando subir y no lo acepta sale que no es compatible que es de la 48g quisiera saber la solucion para esto y ademas el codigo del programa tampoco corre en el user edit

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