Description:Calculates simple circular curves, composed of two and three radii, curved symmetrical verticals, transition curves (clotoides symmetrical, asymmetric), calculates transition of peralte, graphs the transition of peralte, calculates coordinates between two points, calculates course and distance between two points, calculates area and volume of earth, performs conversions of angles (GG.MM.SS to decimal degrees, decimal degrees to GG.MM.SS, azimuth to course, course to azimuth, and more.
Current version:3.0
Author:Erick Aliendres
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Primary category:Science/Civil
File date:2004/06/24 23:11:06
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Version history:2004/06/25: Added to site
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     1024  06-24-04 02:36   TVIAS/LEEME.txt
     3392  06-07-04 15:26   TVIAS/Inicio.gif
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User comments:Bladimir Cordoba
2013-10-09 23:51:13
Hola, tiene el programa para la plataforma de la HP 50g? Gracias. Bladimir

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