Description:Messages can only partly be handled at the user level in the ERROR menu. This situation improves considerably with Msgman. All built-in messages can conveniently be called to the stack, and you can find all built-in messages containing a given text fragment. Using its number instead of a message itself saves bytes in your programs and makes the message even language-sensitive. Msgman has one page only. The first 3 commands deal with built-in messages, the last 3 with message display, preferably in the new header of the HP 49g+. You can flash a message in the new header, or display it in two lines in the header, similar to PROMPT but without suspending with HALT. And you can insert a small text into the header at a suitable place.
Current version:1.2005
Author:Wolfgang Rautenberg:
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File date:2006-05-27 17:43:53
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2003-12-28: Added to site
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      745  2005-10-22 23:17   Msgman.lib
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     1964  2003-11-16 17:05   Msgman.pic/boot.gif
     1754  2003-11-16 18:07   Msgman.pic/find.gif
     1917  2003-11-16 17:07   Msgman.pic/masd.gif
      837  2003-06-20 15:37   Msgman.pic/pfeil-re.gif
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Library contents:Msgman.lib: Library 307, Msgman 1.2005 WR
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