Estática 1 JCM

Description:Compilation of some basic programs that will help you break up a 2D or 3D vector, cross and dot product, Mohr's Circle, moments of inertia of functions, phitagoras, etc.
Current version:1.0 B
Author:Juan Carlos Mark Quiroga
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Size on calculator:12 KB
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Primary category:Science/Civil
Languages:ENG ESP  
File date:2002-12-30 16:39:08
Source code:Not included
Download count:17,709
Version history:2002-12-30: Updated to version 1.0 B
2002-09-22: Added to site
Archive contents:
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        0  2002-12-15 23:01   Estática HP 49G.lib/
      591  2001-01-05 20:09   Estática HP 49G.lib/About Mohr.txt
     3861  2002-08-26 15:22   Estática HP 49G.lib/Círculo de Mohr.txt
    11681  2002-09-10 07:21   Estática HP 49G.lib/Estatica1 HP 49G.lib
     4428  2002-08-26 15:20   Estática HP 49G.lib/Inercia.txt
    44544  2002-08-26 16:14   Estática HP 49G.lib/Informacion.doc
      685  2002-12-17 04:45   Estática HP 49G.lib/README.txt
     2071  2002-12-17 08:37   Estática HP 49G.lib/theme2.gif
---------                     -------
    67861                     8 files
Library contents:Estática HP 49G.lib/Estatica1 HP 49G.lib: Library 777, Estática JCM V1.0b 2002
User comments:Berel Dere
2011-05-01 08:18:28
I couldn't get Inercia d Secciones (7th program) work on hp 50g. It gives undefined XLIB Name error. The others work but I need the 7th one most..

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