Visor Rapido

Description:Fast viewer to view all kind of objects all together. Also you can view the objects in different columns and rows.
Current version:1.0
Author:Rubén de la Rosa Steinz
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Primary category:Apps/Editors
Languages:ENG ESP  
File date:2002/07/14 17:38:40
Source code:Not included
Download count:9,477
Version history:2002/07/14: Added to site
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   229888  07-14-02 23:52   FAST VIEWER.doc
     1835  07-14-02 23:07   VISOR RAPIDO
   541696  07-14-02 23:30   VISOR RAPIDO.doc
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   773419                   3 files
Library contents:VISOR RAPIDO: Library 1121, VISOR RAPIDO
User comments:Dimitri Missoh
2002-09-21 14:17:40
Very good program. It's a powerfull tool to view very fast a lot of HP objects(matrix,grob,equation,text). You have to try it. But it's pity that there is no GUI.(Excuse my bad english).

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