Description:This User RPL program calculates the necessary amount of reinforcement for a rectangular reinforced concrete section under combined compression and bending internal efforts. There are two possibilities of positioning the steel bars: along the lateral sides or the upper and lower sides. The Brazilian code NB-1/78 prescriptions are respected.
Current version:1.0
Authors:Erico Felipe Campos da Costa
Heitor Miranda Bottura: http://www.feb.unesp.br
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Primary category:Science/Civil
File date:2002/07/14 15:51:37
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Library contents:DIM1.lib: Library 1237, DIM ARMADURA EM 2 BORDAS
User comments:kat arser
2004-11-17 02:42:47
where can i get such programm which the Austrian code ÖN-4700 prescriptions are respected.

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