Description:Financial package for the 49G, including Bonds and Stocks, irregular cash flows, etc. Original program written by Don Phillips; 49G port by John H Meyers.
Current version:2.1
Authors:MacDonald R. Phillips
John H Meyers
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Primary category:Apps/Misc
File date:2003-05-20 23:46:48
Source code:Not included
Download count:10,799
Version history:2003-05-21: Updated to version 2.1
2002-01-17: Added to site
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    57364  06-26-97 09:58   FIN421B.TXT
    44561  05-20-03 21:20   fin49a21.bin
     1917  05-20-03 21:44   fin49a21.txt
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User comments:Carlos Lacroze
2002-11-27 22:41:21
This is the best and most exhaustive financial application written for the 4x series so far. No doubt about it. It can be improved, but it's worth every byte. Stop looking. If you want to add value to your device, don't hesitate and download it now. Cash is king and this app is keen. Tks to Don for his MBA job on the 48 platform and to John M. for porting it to the 49G platform. It would be even better if somehow we could join programming resources to improve an updated release (beyond TVM, IRR and NPV basics), considering among others, examples like Finanzmathematik latest v2.41 Lib# 1672 by Andreas Moeller (sadly a waste, because it's only in german) and VUDU & ALQUIMIA v2.4 Lib# 776, by Sergio Andrés Ríos from Bolivia (only in spanish and for the 48 series).
Randall Staponski
2014-01-25 20:39:10
So far, I have used 2 of the 11 modules: gnpv and bond. Gnpv allows irregular cash flows at irregular time periods. In my case only 1 or 2 cash flows changed for new scenarios. I wrote my cash flows to a variable and then wrote them to the stack when needed by the module. That way I only had to edit the flows that changed. Works very well. I use the bond module to evaluate municipal bonds. The module interface is easier to use than my hp 12c- although I'm not ready to give up the 12c.

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