Description:Bj'poligonal is a topography program to calculate and make adjustments on a closed polygon (external or internal angles only). Furthermore, it makes a preliminary sight of the graphic of the polygon. Written mainly in System RPL.
Current version:1.0 Beta 1
Author:Belkin José Quintana Devoz
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Primary category:Science/Civil
File date:2001-07-11 00:13:06
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Library contents:bj'poligonal1.0_49.lib: Library 1422, Poligonal1.0 49g,bjHP14
User comments:Josip Kova
2021-03-10 11:55:30
Don't know if you purchased some better version, but this one have a problems with functionality.
Don't know how to properly used this program, maybe do you have any better explanation how to use this, I'm getting strange coordinates when I enter as a base coordinates E = 5 ; N = 5. I tried to get a rectangular figure, and I used a 0°00'10" for my starting AZIMUTH angle and I enter 10 as a distance between two points and 90°00'00" for beta INTERIOR angles... as a results i get huge numbers... very huge
My input parameters:
Angles internal or external: I choose External
Under "Azimuth conocido?" (very good written in Spanish, don't know in which century you are because every program for mass usage is written mainly in English/Inglese) ... For "Starting azimuth" I enter: :Az:0.0010
By the way... when i Use Azimuth angle about Azimuth = 00°00'0.00" (:Az:0.0000) i get problems with calculation, and program crashes.

When I came to matrix I enter at this order numbers:
first column - angles, second column - distances between points.
1. 90.0000 10.0000
2. 90.0000 10.0000
3. 90.0000 10.0000
4. 90.0000 10.0000

For "Primera Coordinada" i enter a:

My "output" :
Under azimuth angles...
I got matrix with this numbers
1. 0.0010
2. 90.0010
3. 180.0010
4. 270.0010
5. 0.0010

Under Coordinates i got these values:
1. column Northing coordinates , 2. column Easting coordinates
1. 0702614.05 0702614.05
2. 702624.05 702614.050485
3. 702624.049515 702624.050485
4. 702614.049515 702624.05
5. 0702614.05 0702614.05

Don't know how do you get those big numbers because i use a small one, 90 degrees and 10 for distances... from where you get 700 thousand as coordinate values?!

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