Burger Time

Description:Try to make burgers; adaptation of an old CBS Colleco Vision game. With sound.
Description (2):Un clásico de las consolas, si nunca lo jugaste en consola, este remake te hará saber porque fue famoso en su tiempo.
Authors:Arnauld Chevallier: http://knox.ac.free.fr
Lilian Pigallio: http://web.archive.org/web/20131116224925/http://perso.atsat.com/pigallio/Hp48/Lil_hp48.htm
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Primary category:Games/Arcade
File date:2000-12-20 23:13:41
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User comments:Bzz Igor
2001-08-20 02:32:04
C'est plutot éclatant, mais il faut se mettre en High speed... Mais ca promet pas mal d'heures sur la caltos!
Bob Logan
2004-03-21 21:41:16
This game is almost perfect...just like the arcade version. The only problem is that it turns the contrast way down an I have to keep using ON+ to turn it back up.

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