Description:Allows built-in units to be purged and others added to unit menus ad libitum. Unit categories can be added and removed as well. Thus, the UNITS menu system can be completely reorganized and adapted to professional needs. Particularly interesting is that the famous 3-fold functionality of unit keys applies to user-defined units as well.
Current version:7.2001
Author:Wolfgang Rautenberg: http://www.math.fu-berlin.de/~raut/
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File date:2004-08-19 22:53:10
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Version history:2004-08-19: Updated to version 7.2001
2001-02-06: Updated to version 3.2001
2001-01-23: Updated to version 2.2001
2001-01-16: Updated to version 1.2001
2000-11-12: Added to site
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Library contents:Unitman: Library 360, Unitman 7.2001 WR
User comments:Peter Karp
2001-06-17 14:29:28
It's THE tool every HP users wanted/wished for many years. It allows to customize the units menu and needs much less space then the other unit menu solutions as it cleverly uses the built in pointers, but still allows to completly modify them or to add new units. An exmaple is a money unit menu :-) A splendid addition makes the SIunit conversion program (sort of a clever inverse of the UBASE command) by Rubén Pérez.

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