Description:Provides a document viewer for displaying documentation, notes, or whatever you want. Documentation includes examples about System RPL and User RPL.
Current version:1.4
Author:Denis Martinez (novaHP)
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File date:2000/11/22 15:59:08
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Version history:2000/11/18: Updated to version 1.4
2000/09/25: Updated to version 1.2
2000/09/08: Added to site
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     5504  11-14-00 18:29   rdoc_fr.txt
     4766  11-14-00 18:35   rdoc_en.txt
    21632  11-14-00 17:33   DOCS
    43776  11-13-00 11:48   DOCSRPL
    56704  11-13-00 11:48   DOCURPL
     1792  11-14-00 17:31   rdoc.lib
 --------                   -------
   134174                   6 files
Library contents:rdoc.lib: Library 1065, RDOC 1.4 by NovaHP
User comments:Dimitri Missoh
2002-11-21 09:37:08
This program is a very good tool to view a dodumentation.
It's support compressed files and can read a text store in port 0,1,2(use port 2 for important text). This library include also some usefull exemple(docs for user rpl, sys rpl). It's a very good job.
You have to get it :-).

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