Description:This is Tetris2, a very nice Tetris game for all HP graphing calculators (38G, 39G, 40G, 48, 49G). Some features: small size (<6.5kb though a very good size/performance ratio), very close to the original TETRIS gameplay, configuration of the gameplay + three game modes, 2-Player games via serial I/O (IR or wire), runs well on Emu48 (sp 8+).
Current version:2.7
Authors:Detlef Müller: http://www.klatho.com/detlef
Raymond Del Tondo
Downloaded file size:28,696 bytes
Size on calculator:7 KB
Platforms:49/50 48 39/40 38  
User rating:9.5/10 with 2 votes (you must be logged in to vote)
Primary category:Games/Arcade
File date:2002-02-07 15:09:57
Source code:Not included
Download count:24,421
Version history:2002-02-07: Updated to version 2.7
1999-10-10: Added to site
Archive contents:
  Length     Date   Time    Name
 --------    ----   ----    ----
       64  01-27-99 22:14   38G/HP38DIR.000
       33  01-27-99 22:14   38G/HP38DIR.CUR
       38  02-01-02 14:30   39G-40G/HP39DIR.000
       34  02-01-02 14:30   39G-40G/HP39DIR.CUR
       37  11-13-98 23:20   38G/LIB1537L.000
     6522  01-29-02 11:46   48/TETRIS2.LIB
     6915  02-01-02 14:50   49G/TETRIS2.LIB
    19103  02-01-02 14:49   tetris2.txt
     7389  01-27-99 22:14   38G/TETRIS20.000
     7173  02-01-02 14:30   39G-40G/TETRIS20.000
 --------                   -------
    47308                   10 files
Library contents:48/TETRIS2.LIB: Library 268, TETRIS:2.7©99DMRH
49G/TETRIS2.LIB: Library 268, TETRIS:2.7©99DMRH
User comments:Cesar Caro
2001-07-31 17:05:29
This is a great game. It has good customizability and is fun to play with 2 players. I'd like the scores at the beginning to be nonexistant, and for the scores to work no matter what directory you are in.
Rob Speer
2002-01-14 00:13:26
In addition to the pieces being absolutely tiny, this game pauses for about half a second after you drop each piece - I suppose it's checking if there are any lines. There are some very fast ways to check that, but this program quite apparently isn't using them. On higher levels, this detracts from the pace of the game.
Detlef Mueller
2002-02-07 16:57:01
Rob, you can actually move a piece for some time after it hit the floor -- this time depends on the level you're playing and is part of the lag you're experiencing. Another part is the garbage collection that takes place just before a piece starts dropping and can be minimized by storing the game in port 0 (as recomended in the doc for the 49G).
Albert Graef
2002-02-07 19:09:20
My favourite game for the 49G! (NB: What are the changes in the latest version?)
Detlef Mueller
2002-02-08 10:56:46
Albert, 2.7 is mainly a maintenance release of 2.6 w/ added 39G/40G binaries and an updated documentation.
Ivan Freixas Roca
2005-12-14 13:21:55
This program is not available for HP49G+ or HP48GII Please revise the programmation for get be possible to connect in a HP49G+ Thanks

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