Description:Pick up all the diamonds, and advance to the next level (includes 50 levels). Inspired by Diamonds for the Macintosh by Oliver Dreer.
Current version:2.0a
Author:Doug Cannon:
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Primary category:Games/Arcade
File date:1999-09-10 17:57:44
Source code:Not included
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Version history:1999-09-10: Added to site
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     4601  1999-09-10 17:57   diamonds.txt
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User comments:Sam Hughes
2003-08-06 12:18:03
I have found this to be a wonderful game, a wonderful program. It works wonderfully, and I'm not sorry for the repetition of that word! It has provided hours of fun. As it happens, this program is better than the equivalent for the TI-83 Plus, especially in the gameplay (the 83 plus has its physics a bit messed up).
Bob Logan
2005-02-17 22:54:19
A really great game. I especially like the various speeds, which allow you to play it on a 49g+.

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