Description:EQSTK provides an alternative to the built-in stack displayer, with the main advantage of being capable of displaying equations in similar form as the built-in Equation Writer.
Current version:9.1
Authors:Mika Heiskanen
Claude-Nicolas Fiechter
Downloaded file size:49,848 bytes
Size on calculator:8-12 KB
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User rating:9/10 with 2 votes (you must be logged in to vote)
Primary category:Utils/Stack
File date:1997-09-15 19:19:22
Source code:Not included
Download count:13,268
Version history:1997-09-15: Added to site
Archive contents:
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    17072  04-26-97 11:48   eqstk.doc
    12048  04-26-97 12:24   eqstk.lib
    91470  04-26-97 12:24   eqstk.s
     8891  04-26-97 12:24   eqstkb.lib
     1329  04-26-97 11:46   mass
     3427  01-16-96 05:43   samples.bz
 --------                   -------
   134237                   6 files
Library contents:eqstk.lib: Library 740, EQSTK v9.1:Fin&Fiechter
eqstkb.lib: Library 740, EQSTK v9.1:Fin&Fiechter
User comments:Peter Karp
2001-06-17 14:15:26
Together with the editor TED (including the viewer VV) and keyman it's one of the most important libs for me (another must-have is my tiny UserRPL routine CleanSolver). You like Java better? In my experience Java was pretty stable, but not completly (with and without the ML decomp). I like Java also, but I want my calc to be really stable and therefore switched back to EQStk. Now I like it better (and even prefer the EQStk 7+ version), because it's smaller *and* has the 7 level stack :-)

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