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Array Data Types   (details) 48 ENG   7 KB
Explains the outcome of some investigations into various array data types in the 48SX.
By Conrad Winchester. 2017-08-13

Circles   (details) 48 ENG   4 KB / 1 KB
Assembly language routine to quickly draw a circle on PICT, including two examples of how to use it.
By Conrad Winchester. 2008-08-14

Hack Utilities   (details) 48 ENG   3 KB / 1 KB
Collection of six system-level utilities: STRIP (strips the << and >> off the program in level 1), PACK (packs a program's SYSEVALs into "External" form), FNXT (finds next, searching ROM/RAM for any hex digits), PRCL (recalls contents of an entire port to the stack), ->RPN (converts algebraic object into equivalent RPN object / list), and RPN-> (converts RPN object / list into equivalent algebraic object).
By Joseph K. Horn and Conrad Winchester and others. 2008-08-16

HStack 1.1   (details) 48 ENG   3 KB / 1 KB
Screenshot7-line stack replacement based on STK7.
By Conrad Winchester. 1997-08-21

Unstrip   (details) 48 ENG   1 KB / 1 KB
Does the opposite of the Strip routine, adding program delimiters back after they have been stripped
By Conrad Winchester. 2017-08-14

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