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Awari 1.2   (details) 49/50 48 ENG   8 KB / 4 KB
ScreenshotAWARI is a game based on the ancient African game of the same name, it was originally played on a wood or stone board made with 14 holes or 'buckets' in it. In 12 of the buckets were placed 36 stones (3 per bucket), the idea of the game was to move stones from the 12 filled buckets to your home bucket (one of the 2 empty ones).
By Garth Sweet and Arnaud Amiel. 2000-04-09

File Utilities   (details) 48 ENG   3 KB / 1 KB
Provides three file utilities, for copying, moving, and backing up objects.
By Garth Sweet. 2017-06-25

FlagSetter 1.1   (details) 48 ENG   5 KB / 4 KB
ScreenshotThis little program allows you to set the HP 48's system flags in a nice menu driven format, plus it gives a little description of what each flag means; IE for flag -1 the program displays "General Solutions" or "Principal Solution" depending on the flag's setting. It has help text built in for all 64 system flags in both their positions
By Garth Sweet. 2003-06-30

MineSweeper 1.1   (details) 48 ENG   5 KB / 5 KB
ScreenshotLike Minesweeper for Windows.
By Garth Sweet. 1997-08-21

Paint48 1.1   (details) 48 ENG   56 KB
PAINT48 allows the user to draw grobs using a standard paint program techniques, such as line, box, circle, cut & paste, etc. It requires a an IBM PC compatible with a mouse, 384K of memory, and an EGA or VGA video adapter.
By Garth Sweet. 2017-06-21

Phoney 1.0   (details) 48 ENG   6 KB / 3 KB
ScreenshotPHONEY is a program for the HP 48 that was designed for (but not limited to) managing lists of names and phone numbers. It has a free form entry system with no limit on the number of records or the size of a record. PHONEY has all the basic features generally asked for in a phone list manager such as search, goto and sort. Plus it's small -- only 3K.
By Garth Sweet. 2003-06-30

Second Stack 1.0   (details) 48 ENG   3 KB / 1 KB
Three little programs that maintain a second stack for you in which you can store temporary calculations.
By Garth Sweet. 2017-06-28

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