David Nurser

First Name:David
Last Name:Nurser
Last Change:2017-09-03
Number of Files:4 (429th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:13,027 (835th most downloaded)

Newton's Method   (details) 48 ENG   2KB/1KB
A small and simple newton root finder program. It is reasonably fast, and halts execution if it doesn't find the root to your accuracy after 20 calculations.
By David Nurser. 2017/08/13

Single Dragon   (details) 48 ENG   8KB/12KB
ScreenshotFighting game with a helicopter, bombs, and more.
By David Nurser. 1997/08/21

Trapezoidal Rule 1.0   (details) 48 ENG   1KB/1KB
Works exactly the same as the built in integration (via stack). Takes the lower limit, upper limit, equation, and number of iterations and returns the working matrix, the sum, and the answer.
By David Nurser. 1997/08/21

Trig Formulas   (details) 48 ENG   4KB/5KB
Rewrites trigonometric formulas according to common identities.
By David Nurser. 2017/09/03

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