Quin Pendragon

First Name:Quin
Last Name:Pendragon
Last Change:1999-03-15
Number of Files:8 (197th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:38,981 (274th most downloaded)

Chemistry   (details) 38 ENG   13KB/1+KB
Various science notes by multiple people plus an automated solubility table.
By Quin Pendragon. 1999/03/15

DelApt   (details) 38 ENG   1KB/1KB
Deletes stubborn aplets without having to reset the calculator.
By Quin Pendragon. 1999/03/15

Function 3D   (details) 38 ENG   15KB/6KB
Screenshot3D plotting program to display and investigate graphs of the form z=f(x,y). These are expressed as wireframe surfaces, in 3D space. The process of plotting is very slow but the results are excellent.
By Quin Pendragon. 1999/03/15

Games   (details) 38 ENG   8KB/1KB
Various games, including Battleship, Warfare, Earthworm, and more.
By Quin Pendragon. 1999/03/15

Memory   (details) 38 ENG   1KB/1KB
Provides a numerical and graphical representation of the amount of free memory/used memory.
By Quin Pendragon. 1999/03/15

Physics   (details) 38 ENG   2KB/1KB
Physics programs to convert sound intensities into loudness levels, to add decibel levels directly, and to add together resistances in parallel.
By Quin Pendragon. 1999/03/15

Year 12 Applicable Mathematics   (details) 38 ENG   8KB/1+KB
Various math aplets for Applicable Math, including Binomial Approximation, Linear System Solver, matrix tools, and more.
By Quin Pendragon. 1999/03/15

Year 12 Calculus   (details) 38 ENG   6KB/1+KB
Various math aplets for Calculus, including Small Increments, polynomial division, trigonometric functions, and more.
By Quin Pendragon. 1999/03/15

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