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ATEXTOUT_P   (details) Prime ENG FRA ESP POR DEU ITA   380 KB / 6 KB
ScreenshotExtension to the TEXTOUT_P function for displaying text with various attributes (bold, underlined, etc.) and using a transparency level. Includes detailed PDF instructions.
By Tyann. 2024-06-08

High Performance   (details) Prime   6 KB / 7 KB
ScreenshotBased on the game High Performance #1, written for the 48. The screen is divided into 9 rectangular parts (3*3), and each digit (1-9) corresponds to a random combination of rectangle that will be blacked out. From a white screen, you have to blacken the 9 zones. To add to the challenge, if one or more areas of the screen are already blackened from the combination of the number played, they become white again.
By Tyann. 2017-05-20

Lanceur de programmes   (details) Prime ENG FRA   5 KB / 7 KB
Makes it easy to launch your favorite programs by registering them in a list and proposing them in the form of a menu.
By Tyann. 2018-02-01

Memory   (details) Prime FRA   6 KB / 11 KB
ScreenshotA little memory game, where the numbers 1 to 9 appear on the screen and are hidden by rectangles.
By Tyann. 2017-02-15

String Library   (details) Prime ENG FRA   7 KB / 9 KB
Library with dozens of useful functions for working with strings, including substrings, reversing, splitting, joining, sorting, and more.
By Tyann. 2016-08-03

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