Günter Schink

First Name:Günter
Last Name:Schink
Last Change:2023-09-24
Number of Files:2 (785th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:737 (2,360th most downloaded)

Lindenmayer Fractals   (details) Prime ENG   23 KB / 41 KB
ScreenshotCreates Lindenmayer fractals. Many options of fractal types including Harter-Heighway, Hilbert, Koch, Lévy, Minkowski, and more, and once drawn allows you to add iterations and rotate the direction. Written in Python.
By Günter Schink. 2023-09-24

Mandelbrot Explorer 0.9   (details) Prime ENG   34 KB / 39 KB
ScreenshotFast explorer of the Mandelbrot fractal written in Python. Lets you change color scheme and zoom in.
By Günter Schink. 2022-02-27

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