Andy Bulka

First Name:Andy
Last Name:Bulka
Last Change:2023-09-28
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aslist   (details) Prime ENG   4 KB / 4 KB
A supplementary function aslist that lets you store RPN listings in Notes. This way RPN program listings can be copied, pasted and run, without needing to use the Keystroke Programming Simulator or a list editor.
By Andy Bulka. 2018-05-01

Python to RPN   (details) Other ENG   1,537 KB
A new way to program HP calculators like the HP-42S, DM42, and Free42, for those who prefer to use if statements and for loops. Allows you to write code in Python and have it translated to RPN syntax, with powerful support for advanced features like graphics too, and taking full advantage of the large screen on the DM42. An online version also exists.
By Andy Bulka. 2023-09-28

Syntax Highlighters for BBEdit   (details) Prime ENG   5 KB
A syntax highlighter for the Prime Language for BBEdit and Textwrangler for Macintosh computers.
By Andy Bulka. 2018-05-01

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