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Last Change:2014-10-19
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ColorCube   (details) Prime ENG   64KB/35KB
ScreenshotThe possible colors of an RGB Pixel can be thought of as a color cube with edges aligned on red, green, and blue axis. ColorCube draws the color cube in slices, and allows you to navigate about and select colors within the context of the color cube.
By JF Sather. 2014/10/19

WaitLab   (details) Prime ENG   4KB/3KB
Utility for examining Wait(-1) command response to touch pad gestures. WaitLab prints the results of Wait(-1) in a continuous loop with a built in pause in the loop of Dly seconds. This simulates functional code that checks for user input and takes Dly seconds to process, then loops back and checks again.
By JF Sather. 2014/10/19

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