Michel Déchamps

First Name:Michel
Last Name:Déchamps
Last Change:2014-10-19
Number of Files:2 (785th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:2,429 (2,142nd most downloaded)

Pentaminos   (details) Prime ENG FRA ESP   17 KB / 99 KB
ScreenshotTiling a Rectangle 5xN by Pentominoes. Seeks solutions (and registers in a spreadsheet), displays solutions, and rebuilds a specified solution.
By Michel Déchamps. 2014-10-19

Programming with Spreadsheet   (details) Prime ENG FRA ESP   559 KB / 739 KB
Shows how to program the spreadsheet of the Prime. Includes as an example a periodic table of elements.
By Michel Déchamps. 2014-10-19

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