Patrice Torchet

First Name:Patrice
Last Name:Torchet
Last Change:2014-10-22
Number of Files:5 (344th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:3,994 (2,049th most downloaded)

Conways' Game of Life 2.4   (details) Prime ENG   11 KB / 15 KB
Simulation of Conway's Game of Life.
By Patrice Torchet. 2014-10-19

Farey Series   (details) Prime ENG   3 KB / 3 KB
Rounds a decimal value to fraction using the Farey series.
By Patrice Torchet. 2014-10-19

Lindenmayer Fractals 2.0   (details) Prime ENG   8 KB / 25 KB
ScreenshotUses the Lindenmayer System to build fractals on screen, with 28 Lindenmayer fractals. May only work with older ROM versions.
By Patrice Torchet. 2013-12-28

Saving Space In Games   (details) Prime ENG   3 KB / 1 KB
Explains how to save space in games by using a run-length encoding method of compression for graphics.
By Patrice Torchet. 2014-10-22

Sokoban (Patrice) 1.5   (details) Prime ENG   87 KB / 52 KB
ScreenshotPush the blocks into their storage locations without getting stuck by a wall. Lots of fun, and many levels. Now has some improvements: made compatible with the Prime G2 and the latest firmware, keys control support in addition to touch control, best scores history, last move undo, and other bug fixes. This is an alternative fork of the game.
By Ariel Palazzesi and Patrice Torchet. 2014-10-19

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