Mickaël Nicotera

First Name:Mickaël
Last Name:Nicotera
Web Address:http://mic.nic.free.fr
Last Change:2023-12-09
Number of Files:39 (23rd most prolific)
Number of Downloads:77,659 (117th most downloaded)

Acides   (details) Prime FRA   1 KB / 2 KB
ScreenshotLists various acids, giving you the name based on the chemical formula and vice versa.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017-04-27

Amort 1.0   (details) Prime FRA   8 KB / 31 KB
ScreenshotCalculates an amortization schedule for loans, given the interest rate, the amount borrowed, and the duration of the loan.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017-04-27

Angry Birds   (details) Prime ENG   2 KB / 5 KB
ScreenshotInspired by the Angry Birds game for other mobile platforms.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-12-22

Areas and Volumes 2.0   (details) Prime ENG FRA   2 KB / 2 KB
ScreenshotFormulas for calculating areas and volumes.
By Mickaël Nicotera and Brad Woollon. 2019-03-11

Asteroid 1.2.64   (details) Prime ENG   35 KB / 3 KB
ScreenshotSpaceship game where you must dodge asteroids and lasers.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-10-05

Bode/Nyquist   (details) Prime ENG   4 KB / 8 KB
Bode/Nyquist plotter.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017-04-27

CLPX   (details) Prime FRA   1 KB / 1 KB
ScreenshotDoes complex number calculations.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017-04-27

Codes touches   (details) Prime   1 KB / 1 KB
ScreenshotProgrammer's utility to determine key codes.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-10-05

Constants in English 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   1 KB / 1 KB
Common physical constants by Mickaël Nicotera and translated to English. Copy and paste text directly into a new program that you create.
By Mickaël Nicotera and Michael Rheaume. 2014-10-18

   (details) Prime   1 KB / 1 KB
ScreenshotDice throwing simulation game.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-10-05

Delta trinôme   (details) Prime FRA   2 KB / 4 KB
ScreenshotTable of changes and delta trinomial program.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-10-05

Dessiner   (details) Prime ENG   2 KB / 2 KB
ScreenshotDraw pictures with 10 colors and 3 brush widths with your fingers.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-12-22

Dompter sa HP Prime en 10 minutes   (details) Prime FRA   331 KB
A quick 10-minute introduction to the Prime, covering basic math, commands, a few CAS operations, tracing a function, and running user programs. In PDF format.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017-05-02

Fluctuation   (details) Prime ENG   7 KB / 26 KB
ScreenshotStatistics program, plotting fluctuations.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017-04-27

Geogame   (details) Prime ENG   163 KB / 168 KB
ScreenshotHow well do you know your world? Touchscreen game where you are given a location and you must touch the map as close as possible to the actual location.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017-05-02

Goal   (details) Prime ENG   158 KB / 161 KB
ScreenshotA simple goal shooting game. Just press left and right to move the player, ENTER to shoot, and ESC to quit.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017-08-23

Happy Easter   (details) Prime ENG   211 KB / 214 KB
ScreenshotFind the bee among the flowers.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2018-04-03

HP Prime Exercises   (details) Prime ENG   4,268 KB
About 50 different exercises totaling 127 pages teaching how to do common tasks on the Prime. In PDF format.
By Mickaël Nicotera and Moravia Education. 2017-04-30

HP Prime Tutoriaux   (details) Prime FRA   6,250 KB
Comprehensive set of tutorials for learning to use the HP prime. 187 page PDF document.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017-04-30

Jeu du nombre mystère (plus ou moins)   (details) Prime FRA   1 KB / 1 KB
ScreenshotNumber guessing game.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-10-05

Light Spectrum   (details) Prime ENG   1 KB / 2 KB
ScreenshotDiagram of the spectrum of visible light.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-10-05

Machine de Galton   (details) Prime ENG   1 KB / 2 KB
ScreenshotA bean machine to demonstrate the central limit theorem.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-12-22

Normal Law   (details) Prime FRA   1 KB / 2 KB
ScreenshotStatistics program, where you enter the standard deviation and a guess.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017-04-27

Perfect Christmas Tree   (details) Prime FRA   2 KB / 2 KB
ScreenshotPerforms common calculations related to putting up a Christmas tree.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2015-08-15

Periodic Table   (details) Prime ENG FRA   83 KB / 22 KB
ScreenshotA simple keyboard-controlled periodic table of the elements. PDF documentation.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-12-22

PGCD étendu   (details) Prime FRA   1 KB / 1 KB
ScreenshotExtended Euclidean algorithm program.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-10-05

Physical Constants   (details) Prime FRA   1 KB / 2 KB
ScreenshotLibrary of physical constants.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-10-05

Poker   (details) Prime FRA   1 KB / 1 KB
ScreenshotPoker game.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-10-05

PolySolver   (details) Prime ENG   3 KB / 5 KB
ScreenshotSolves polynomials.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017-04-27

Sierpinski   (details) Prime ENG   1 KB / 1 KB
ScreenshotSierpinski's triangle generator.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-10-05

Simulateur Probas   (details) Prime ENG FRA   158 KB / 5 KB
ScreenshotProbability simulator, letting you flip coins, roll a 6-sided die, spin a 4-numbered/colored spinner, take a colored ball out of an urn, deal 5 cards, or get random numbers.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2018-02-25

Suites   (details) Prime FRA   1 KB / 1 KB
ScreenshotDoes calculations related to summations and series.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017-04-27

The Ultimate Periodic Table 0.1.1   (details) Prime ENG   59 KB / 239 KB
ScreenshotTakes from all of the HP Prime periodic tables available until now, and implements an all brand-new dark mode to be easier on the eyes.
By Mickaël Nicotera, Miguel Toro, and Pelayo 'Dory' Méndez. 2023-12-09

Tic Tac Toe   (details) Prime FRA   2 KB / 8 KB
ScreenshotSimple Tic Tac Toe game.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-12-22

Touch Periodic Table 3.3.2a (10637+)   (details) Prime ENG FRA ESP   257 KB / 165 KB
ScreenshotA comprehensive touch-controlled periodic table of the elements with details about each element and plotting of details. PDF documentation.
By Mickaël Nicotera, Miguel Toro, Eric Keppel and others. 2020-04-11

Touch Periodic Table - Improved   (details) Prime ENG   20 KB / 28 KB
An improved version of an older version of Mickaël Nicotera's touchscreen periodic table of elements. Does not work with more recent ROM versions.
By Mickaël Nicotera and Miguel Toro. 2014-10-25

Unit Circle   (details) Prime ENG   1 KB / 3 KB
ScreenshotDiagram of the unit circle for trigonometric math.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2013-10-05

When   (details) Prime ENG   1 KB / 1 KB
ScreenshotCommand that basically does an if-true, then do X, else do Y.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017-04-27

Windows 7 Screensaver   (details) Prime ENG   4 KB / 23 KB
ScreenshotA replica of the default Windows 7 screensaver, displaying the Windows 7 logo at random locations on the screen.
By Mickaël Nicotera. 2017-04-27

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