Kévin Ouellet

First Name:Kévin
Last Name:Ouellet
Alias:DJ Omnimaga
Web Address:http://www.omnimaga.org/
Last Change:2023-10-29
Number of Files:5 (344th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:4,261 (2,035th most downloaded)

Grayscale Tunnel for the HP 39gII 1.0   (details) 39/40 ENG   2 KB / 9 KB
Grayscale tunnel game. As of March 2013, there is no working way to transfer programs to the PC. The provided ways do not work, because the firmware used by the emulator required to transfer files isn't available anywhere for download for the calculator and both must have identical revision numbers in order to accept programs from each others. The connectivity kit provided with the calculator only lets you view/edit code. This is why the game is provided in source code form. This game will most likely only run on the HP 39gII released in 2012.
By Kévin Ouellet (DJ Omnimaga). 2013-09-14

Opossum Massage Simulator 1.01   (details) Prime ENG   20 KB / 60 KB
ScreenshotMassage the possum to repel aliens from outer space! Inspired from some opossum massage video on Youtube. Originally released in April 2016 for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, TI-Nspire CX, Windows and Android. Opossums are said to have good alien repelling capabilities, but to be able to do so they must be happy. On the eve of an alien invasion, you are thus sent the unholy task of massaging an opossum to send them back into space!
By Kévin Ouellet (DJ Omnimaga). 2022-07-31

Supersonic Ball 1.01   (details) Prime ENG   158 KB / 238 KB
ScreenshotA simple side-scrolling platformer/tunnel hybrid where you control a bouncing ball, guiding it to the end of each level. Challenge lies in getting through narrow areas or climbing stuff without bouncing back, and it gets progressively harder to do so as the game progresses. The game features physics, randomized levels, animated graphics, multiple themes to make the game look different, smooth scrolling and parallax backgrounds. Try to get as far as possible as fast as you can without running out of time to get the highest score! For speed reasons, a G2 HP Prime is recommended.
By Kévin Ouellet (DJ Omnimaga). 2023-10-29

Tunnel 1.05   (details) Prime ENG   2 KB / 5 KB
ScreenshotThis is the official release of the Prime port of the 39gII Tunnel clone written in BASIC, now adapted for the larger screen and color display. This new version adds speed throttling to ensure that the game runs as close as possible to the same speed as the original Prime on both the emulator and G2 hardware revision of the calculator. It is probably the first ever game ever made available for download for this calculator model. It isn't meant to show coding skills, especially considering the game was made before the author's knowledge of the DIMGROB_P and BLIT_P commands (although an intro transition using them was added afterward), but as you'll see on-calc, even if the entire screen content must be refreshed every frame, it still gets a high frame rate, because of how incredibly fast the calculator is, even with redrawing the entire screen rectangles and score text every frame. As for the multicolor and 3D-ish text effects, they are possible because the HP Prime lets you use text with no background, so all you have to do is superpose multiple copies of that text, gradually changing its color and position through a FOR loop. This also lets you use bold text. To play, just use the UP and DOWN keys and quit with ON.
By Kévin Ouellet (DJ Omnimaga). 2020-06-06

Walrus Animation   (details) Prime ENG   20 KB / 36 KB
ScreenshotA wave, sky, and flying walrus animation that could be used in a future game and runs at about 40 frames per second.
By Kévin Ouellet (DJ Omnimaga). 2017-02-16

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