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Breakout   (details) Prime ENG   11 KB / 47 KB
ScreenshotBounce the ball off the bricks to break them all.
By Egan Ford (datajerk). 2014-01-09

X48 for the Zaurus 0.3   (details) 48 ENG   113 KB
This is a version of the X48 emulator compiled for the Sharp Zaurus clamshell handheld computer. Includes both a binary and the source code patch to be applied to the original X48 0.4.3 source code.
By Egan Ford (datajerk). 2017-02-25

x49gp   (details) 49/50 ENG   5,189 KB
Emulator of the newer Hewlett-Packard handheld calculator models with an ARM CPU (HP 49g+ and HP 50g). This is a true ARM emulator running on Unix, Linux, and MacOS Systems. Porting to Windows should be easy as the GUI is based on GTK+. The project is still in alpha state; you can find updates at or
By Eddie C. Dost, Egan Ford (datajerk), and Claudio Daniel Lapilli. 2021-09-12

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