Fernando Pardo

First Name:Fernando
Last Name:Pardo
Web Address:http://www.geocities.com/fernando9882/
Last Change:2004-10-31
Number of Files:4 (429th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:19,204 (585th most downloaded)

Calculo de Superficies en 2D y 3D 3.02   (details) 39/40 ESP   16KB/40KB
ScreenshotThe program performs calculations of angles, distances, area and volumes of any figure. It can draw figures and keeps the points for possible modifications or calculations.
By Fernando Pardo. 2004/10/31

Escalas 1.0   (details) 39/40 ESP   1KB/5KB
Calculates the scales of a drawing.
By Fernando Pardo. 2003/05/19

Minimos Cuadrados 1.0   (details) 39/40 ESP   2KB/9KB
Calculates the minima of a square by two methods (graphically and algebraically).
By Fernando Pardo. 2003/05/19

Polinomios 1.0   (details) 39/40 ESP   1KB/3KB
Calculates roots and values of polynomials.
By Fernando Pardo. 2003/05/19

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