Fábio Rodrigues Andrade

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Last Name:Rodrigues Andrade
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Micro Planejamento 3.0 GX   (details) 48 POR   18 KB / 20 KB
ScreenshotCalculates the date of services and shows graphics. It's good to follow a project that has more or less 400 services. The program can to follow services with percent executed and calculates the new dates.
By Fábio Rodrigues Andrade. 2002-12-30

Micro Planejamento 4.0   (details) 49/50 POR   9 KB / 20 KB
ScreenshotManage projects with your HP. It is developed for the HP 50g with more speed for the planning and control process. You can input financial and staffs resources. There is a Gantt chart and histograms to support management process.
By Fábio Rodrigues Andrade. 2009-07-12

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