Fábio Rodrigues Andrade

First Name:Fábio
Last Name:Rodrigues Andrade
Last Change:2009-07-12
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Micro Planejamento 3.0 GX   (details) 48 POR   18KB/20KB
ScreenshotCalculates the date of services and shows graphics. It's good to follow a project that has more or less 400 services. The program can to follow services with percent executed and calculates the new dates.
By Fábio Rodrigues Andrade. 2002/12/30

Micro Planejamento 4.0   (details) 49/50 POR   9KB/20KB
ScreenshotManage projects with your HP. It is developed for the HP 50g with more speed for the planning and control process. You can input financial and staffs resources. There is a Gantt chart and histograms to support management process.
By Fábio Rodrigues Andrade. 2009/07/12

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