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ScreenshotAstronomical library. Computes: ephemeris of Sun, Moon, planets, comets and asteroids mean, apparent, geocentric and topocentric coordinates accurate precession and nutation mean elements of major bodies four systems of celestial coordinates for data input conversion between coordinates eclipses of Sun and Moon - Moon phases rise and set of celestial bodies - twilights Jupiter's satellites - equinoxes and solstices elongations, oppositions and conjunctions catalog of 1158 stars and 110 Messier objects ephemeris of variable stars (with TDB) interactive celestial maps - angular separation chronological cycles and date of Easter sidereal time and clock two time scale (TT or UTC and similar) values of deltaT=TT-UT1 (updated 08/2002) various input modes for dates - time zones auto-adjust of internal clock geodetic and UTM coordinates 30 pre-built and 10 user's coordinates nautical point determination with two stars.
By Paolo Campai and Paolo Fani. 2002-09-22

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