Fabien Viger

First Name:Fabien
Last Name:Viger
Last Change:2001-05-18
Number of Files:6 (280th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:41,565 (261st most downloaded)

JezzBall 1.02   (details) 49/50 ENG FRA   4 KB / 4 KB
ScreenshotJust a cool JezzBall implementation. Clone of the famous TI89 game. Fast, small, with high scores.
By Fabien Viger. 2001-04-17

JezzBall 48 1.01   (details) 48 ENG FRA   4 KB / 5 KB
ScreenshotClone of the famous JezzBall on TI89. 1K bigger than the 49 version because it includes the minifont. Also lists high scores.
By Fabien Viger. 2001-05-18

MiniEdit 1.0   (details) 48 ENG FRA   5 KB / 4 KB
ScreenshotA small editor, good for G owners. Very good quality/size ratio, with copy/paste and viewer mode, and the possibility to include and view grobs.
By Fabien Viger. 2001-04-21

Paint 1.0   (details) 49/50 ENG FRA   12 KB / 6 KB
ScreenshotFast grob editor, with routines such as line, box, plane, and disk. It's twice as fast as Cyrille's graphical toolbox, and easy-to-use with soft menus. Includes 3 modes of zoom, a (bit slow) fill routine, coordinates, 'undo' function, basic flip/scroll routines, and it can edit grobs of size 1*1 or 128000*1 or 1*128000 without any problems: you can edit 128KB grobs with only several kilobytes of free memory!
By Fabien Viger. 2001-04-17

Routine de Line Optimisée   (details) 49/50 FRA   3 KB
Source of a very optimized line subroutine, with comments and detailed description in French only.
By Fabien Viger. 2001-04-20

SmallTunnel   (details) 48 ENG FRA   1 KB / 1 KB
ScreenshotTwo small tunnels. Not very original but they take very little memory (only a few hundred bytes each).
By Fabien Viger. 2001-04-21

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